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Magdalena Golebiowska


Magdalena Golebiowska

Area Chair - Western Vocals


Magdalena Gołębiowska commenced her music education at age six by learning to play the piano and progressed to winning national competitions for composition and singing including the International Meeting of Jazz Vocalists in Zamość. Following twelve years of training in piano, which developed her love for classical music, Magdalena’s thirst for knowledge led her to a Master’s Degree in Pedagogy and Psychology. However, her passion for music subsequently brought her to the Conservatory of Amsterdam where she gained a further Master’s Degree, this time in Jazz Vocals.

Through her openness to novel experiences and love of travel, she has cultivated an international perspective on her music and has found inspiration from musical traditions the world over. She values music’s capacity to bring people together, even if they are from different cultures. One of her most treasured achievements was teaching at the African Music School in Central African Republic.

She loves to co-operate with a variety of musicians in various musical styles, which has carried her to several international stages. It was her great honour to be invited to the Cairo Jazz Festival and to participate in the top-rated Middle East TV show Al-Bernameg. She has a generous spirit and is an artist with beauty, grace and sensibility. She enjoys sharing her affection for music, which she has particularly achieved as a music teacher. With her warm tone and exceptional voice, she can turn any song into her own.

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