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Piran Irani

Piran Irani

Piran Irani

Piran Irani

Assistant Dean- Student Affairs & Faculty – Music Production


Piran Irani is an electronic music aficionado, producer and a Dj for over a decade now. His journey into creating and establishing a unique sound and style of his own has allowed him to gain insightful tips and tricks towards creating music. Being genre-agnostic, he dwells and finds inspiration from various styles of music and implements what he learns into his own work. Also, trying to inculcate the same ideologies in his students mindsets he likes to create an easy and efficient approach towards producing music.

Being an experienced trainer for music production, he has successfully taught students from different age groups and created awareness and interest in their minds towards making electronic music and to understand all the tools and technology that goes behind making it. From conducting workshops to training young adults towards understanding how to use digital audio workstations, from synthesis to learning the basics and advanced forms of sampling using different techniques along with the required hardware devices. How to also use your own recorded sounds and adopting a creative approach towards this process is one of the many tricks he likes to share with his batches. He also trains students on how to use Native instruments Maschine and speaks on other forms of Indian context and history here at the true school of music. Come meet him and learn how to create, define and get started in the elaborate yet fun world of music production.

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