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Patience for Success

Narayan Murthy also known as the "Father of the Indian IT sector" was born on August 20, 1946, in Kolar, Karnataka. He is an Indian billionaire businessman and the founder of Infosys, the first Indian company to be listed on an American stock exchange, he has been the chairman, chief executive officer(CEO), president, and chief mentor of the company. He was also awarded Padma Vibhushan in 2008, Legion of Honour in 2008, and Padma Shri in 2000.





    Narayana Murthy, Founder of Infosys


Mr. Murthy conceptualized, articulated, and implemented the Global Delivery Model(GDM) which has become the backbone of the Indian software industry. In 2014, Mr. Murthy was ranked 13th among CNBC's 25 global business leaders and listed among the '12 greatest entrepreneurs of our time', by fortune in 2012. 

Despite being born into a poor family, Narayana Murthy had big dreams. He had a dream of starting his own business since he was a child. Narayana Murthy, who did not give up on his dream and passion and made his life and himself successful, who did not fear to dream about his successful life and did not wish for it, but instead made a decision and acted on it, he is an individual who requires no introduction; he is a self-made man whose work speaks for itself. Narayana's life wasn't easy; he had a burning desire to achieve what he had always wished for; he was determined and hardworking; he didn't wish but decided and took action to fulfill his dreams; he didn't give up unless and until he achieved his goals, and he faced every struggle and difficulty with courage and strength.

  Education News  

AICTE Launches Portal to Promote India Universities Abroad, Attract Foreign Students

News18, April 7th, 2022

With this, all Indian institutions in higher education that are admitting international students or are desirous of doing so will be able to showcase their strengths on a single platform. It will also help promote Indian Institutions and programs to students across the globe.

Cost primary concern among global management education aspirants

The Times of India, April 25th, 2022

Even as cost remains a primary concern in today’s dynamic economy with a brisk job market and rising inflation, candidates from around the globe still perceive graduate management education as a tried-and-true pathway to advance professionally.

Act urgently to address learning loss: curriculum revision panel

The Indian Express, April 30th, 2022

The committee, led by Princeton University professor Manjul Bhargava, has observed that authorities need not wait for the completion of curriculum revision exercises to start helping students make learning recoveries.

  Faculty Fundas    


IFIM Business School, Bangalore, India, in association with National Human Resources Development Network (NHRDN) undertook an exhaustive initiative in 2018 to reach out to 292 industry executives to identify the skills required for Industry 4.0.



Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay
Vice Chancellor,
Vijaybhoomi University


They organised three round-table discussions in Bengaluru,

Mumbai and Delhi in India. Participants included 43 senior executives and 18 chief executive officers.

The study identified the following needs for Industry 4.0

  • Learning orientation and analytical mindset
  • Integration of data, communication and technology
  • Solution orientation and problem solving
  • Dealing with change and uncertainty (unstructured situation)
  • People and team orientation
  • Innovation and creativity – entrepreneurial orientation
  • Social sensitivity and cross-cultural orientation
  • Managing self (self-awareness, self-development including wellness)
  • Business orientation – multidisciplinary approach
  • Globalization

The first change will have to be the curriculum. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the curriculum should facilitate the process of “discovery” – encouraging “exploration” and “experimentation”. Students should be able to customize their learning pathways depending on their style, pace and learning orientation.

The findings showed that future professionals will be “T-shaped”, combining both a liberal mindset covering a wide breadth of knowledge across disciplines and in-depth knowledge in a specialized area.

The research also revealed a need for re-skilling at various levels, the emergence of a multi-generation workforce, wellness as an important element of self-management, and solutions or problem solving as the critical skill set required for Industry 4.0.

The study pointed out that technological disruptions may result in professionals finding themselves becoming “irrelevant”. Hence, “learning to learn” or learning orientation will be key for future professionals to remain relevant.

This skill set can be achieved only when institutions make major initiatives in education that will prepare students for the “future of work”. This will entail educational institutions investing in education that prepares graduates to embrace change and be life-long learners. Institutions will require a rebooting of their curricula pedagogy of teaching/learning and faculty.

  Week Gone By  

Students Return to Campus!

The VBU Campus was filled with joy and excitement as students returned for the April term.

Classes resumed in full swing with students attending them both offline and online. Practice rooms were yet again packed with teachers and students jamming and designing.

The sports block too saw people returning to engage in their favorite forms of physical activity, ranging from football, basketball, and badminton to gymnastics.

Be a part of the lively group of students!

   Student Quotes    


“It was a bittersweet moment, but I had to come back to the campus. It took me few days to settle back in the atmosphere and get on track.”


               Tushar Goswami, MBA, JAGSoM Vijaybhoomi University



MBA students having a discussion!

A Master’s degree holds a great significance in the world. One has to put in years of work to reach the platform to even be eligible to start on the journey for a master’s degree, and the quest only gets harder from then on.

At VijayBhoomi University, the students pursuing their MBA degrees have resolved to put all of their efforts into achieving their goals. This determination keeps them working even during the late hours of the night when everyone has gone to sleep. Each member of the group is putting their time, insights, and their knowledge in order to make the project a success.


  Student Quotes    

There’s no time period to learn. Learning is everywhere. We learn from our Professors and also from each other."”


               CHirag Garg, MBA, JAGSoM Vijaybhoomi University


  Readers Ask, Vijaybhoomi Answers    

How does the liberal professional framework of Vijaybhoomi University help a student?


The liberal-professional framework of education is used to build a unique curriculum aligned to industry 4.0. A curriculum that facilitates the process of self-discovery in the initial year and thereafter the choice of majors and minors to prepare oneself for high-demand careers in data science, artificial intelligence, business, law, music, and design. It enables students to learn things that excite them and aid the students in their journey of self-discovery.

The first two years at Vijaybhoomi University are discovery years wherein students will be permitted to choose, and experience levels 1 and 2 courses offered across different baskets of the various schools of the University. The objective of the discovery years would be to facilitate the exploration of different areas of one’s interest aligned with the multiple intelligence framework. This will also unfold the inherent strength of an individual out of the eight multiple intelligence dimensions. The journey in the initial 2 years in the undergraduate program is expected to ignite the mind of our students and help them discover their purpose in life. The journey will be anchored by experienced professionals/entrepreneurs to mentor and coach the student as they traverse across these two years.

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Vijaybhoomi University is India's first Liberal Professional University, which uses the liberal-professional framework of education to build a unique curriculum aligned to Industry 4.0. The curriculum facilitates the process of self-discovery in the initial year and thereafter choice of majors and minors to prepare oneself in high-demand careers in data science, artificial intelligence, business, law, music and design. The university is located in Karjat, Greater Mumbai, and nurtures holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals who can make a positive difference in the world.


To become an independent, multi-disciplinary, globally acclaimed university which facilitates learner-centricity, builds pathways to groom holistic individuals, and fosters innovation and scholarship to impact practice and communities


Nurture holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals.

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